What is Periscope – the New App from Twitter?

periscopeAnd no, it’s not part of a submarine! Periscope is Twitter’s new, live video streaming app. It allows users to transmit live video from events, the beach or their next business meeting (assuming they don’t want it to be private).

One of the key features of Periscope that distinguishes it from Google’s equivalent app, is that video is saved enabling it to be watched by anyone that has missed out on the live session, but only for the next 24 hours.

Users watching can jump around a world map that drops pins for live streams; a Twitter developer has been quoted as saying he wanted the app be like “teleporting around the world”.  Periscope is currently available to download on iPhone and iPad from the App store.

Will you be using Periscope for your business marketing? We would love to hear your idea for uses in the business sector!

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