20 Online Marketing Tips for Small Businesses in 2022

Online Marketing Tips

Here at Cyber Sushi Design, we build stunning websites and boost visibility and engagement through our internet marketing services. Check out the following online marketing tips to help your business succeed in 2022.

Online Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Google Business Profile1. Make Sure You Have a Google Business Profile

Can you afford not to show up on the world’s most popular search engine?

Get your business discovered in local search results to boost your online profile. A Google Business Profile takes minutes to create and allows you to gain reviews and share content that compels searchers to engage with you.

2. Optimise Your Website for Mobile Devices

In 2021, mobile web traffic eclipsed that of desktops. This makes it vital for businesses to optimise websites for mobile devices. In 2022, it’s important to ensure that all forms of web content are produced with mobile visitors in mind.

3. Be Visible on Relevant Social Media Platforms

Is your business showing up on social media?

Build your online presence across social networks relevant to your industry and where your target audience spends time. Stand out from the crowd with content that demonstrates your strengths and benefits your community.

voice search4. Optimise for Voice Search

It’s suggested that 55% of all homes will own a smart speaker in 2022. And as the use of voice search rises, it’s vital to optimise your website with keywords that sound like how people speak. By creating content that sounds conversational, you will stand a greater chance of showing up in voice search results.

5. Implement Web Chat for Your Website

Web chat enables you to engage with visitors, leads and customers conveniently in real-time. You can answer questions, offer support, resolve queries and recommend relevant services or products to solve user issues.

6. Build Your Email List

According to HubSpot, email marketing generates $42 for every $1 spent, which is a whopping 4,200% ROI. With this in mind, it’s definitely worth including an email newsletter sign up form on your website. This will enable you to build your email list and grow relationships by delivering valuable content (not just promotions.)

Online marketing tips7. Implement an Effective SEO Strategy

  • Write for humans, optimise for search engines.
  • Use relevant keywords in appropriate places.
  • Focus on user experience.
  • Build relevant links.
  • Post quality content often.
  • Optimise images with keywords.
  • Write informative meta descriptions.

8. Establish a Blogging Strategy

Blogging has become an essential online marketing tool. Sharing blogs boosts brand awareness, generates leads and builds trusting relationships with customers. It has the potential to generate large amounts of traffic to your website, support your SEO campaign and convert visitors into customers. To do it right you must:

  • Post content your audience is interested in.
  • Optimise posts to ensure they get found.
  • Share across social media to increase visibility.

9. Start Recording Videos

It’s reported that the use of video can increase brand awareness by 70%.

Love it or hate it, using video as part of your online marketing efforts is now considered a necessity. It doesn’t need to be complicated, simply pick up your mobile phone and go. Then share to your digital and social channels.

Ways to use video to support your online marketing:

  • Showcase your products
  • Behind the scenes videos
  • How-to videos
  • Customer testimonials
  • Introduce team members

Linkedin10. Get LinkedIn

If your business doesn’t yet have a LinkedIn page, now is the time to get on board. LinkedIn is growing from strength to strength, demonstrating considerable growth in monthly active users and engagement, according to quarterly reports. New features are also released frequently to help businesses connect and drive better results.

11. Leverage Social Proof

Social proof helps increase brand visibility and builds trust. By sharing reviews, testimonials and other customer-generated content, potential customers take comfort in knowing that previous shoppers have been happy with their purchases, providing extra incentive to buy from you.

12. Audit Your Existing Content

You can do this by conducting a content audit to help make your website more user friendly. By reviewing each page of your website, you can establish which pages can be left as they are, or need optimising or removing. Use analytics to establish:

  • Which pages are visited most often?
  • Which pages have the highest bounce rate?
  • How long has it been since you updated your website content?

13. Set and Monitor Metrics

Key performance indicators (KPIs) help assess if your online marketing is delivering the desired results. First, decide which metrics are important to your business. E.g. landing page conversions, social media growth, website traffic to lead ratio & so on. Then, make use of tools to help you measure your KPIs. E.g. Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, your CRM or other tools you use to manage your email, social media and content marketing.

14. Update Your Website

Web design trends are constantly evolving. If your website was built over three years ago, chances are it has started to look dated. In 2022, web design will focus on visual optimism and inclusive imagery.

This involves making use of bold colours, cheerful features, positive messages and fun interactive content. Does your website need a makeover?

15. Create Snackable Content

Snackable content is visually engaging short-form content that is easy to digest & shared on social media to educate & entertain. For example – quotes, GIFs, memes & infographics. Create snackable content by:

  • Taking screenshots of key information & sharing it on a branded background.
  • Turning key information into a meme or infographic.
  • Breaking long-form content down into a series of short digestible posts.

16. Become Part of the Metaverse

Businesses like Facebook are betting on the metaverse being the next thing to take off online. Future marketing exploits therefore will focus on augmented and virtual reality experiences. In 2022, it’s important to discover how your business will operate in these spaces.

17. Know Your Competition

Understanding your competition will help you discover creative ways to stand out online that convince your target audience to choose you over your competitors. Knowing where they hang out online also helps you connect and build relationships with potential customers.

18. Optimise Your Content

To rank in Google your content needs to best answer relevant search queries. When creating content, it’s a good idea to understand Google’s guidelines and realise there are more ways to rank prominently than just traditional search listings e.g. Featured Snippets, People Also Ask.

  • Analyse the search pages on which you want your content to rank and optimise your content accordingly.
  • Refresh and optimise your existing content for new ranking opportunities.
  • Ensure relevant schema data is available to help Google know what your content is all about.

19. Understand Algorithm Updates

Online marketing, be it social media newsfeeds, display ads, social ads, search engine optimisation or even email, is typically algorithm-driven. Algorithms optimise user experience, so stay relevant and provide a user experience that your customers will embrace, or your content is likely to be less visible.

20. Focus on Your Day Job

You’ve read all of our online marketing tips for small businesses in 2022, you can see there are plenty of ways to boost your online presence. But if, as a busy business owner, you don’t have the time or energy to invest in online promotion…Give your online business a boost and enlist the services of Cyber Sushi Design.

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