Online Marketing Techniques to Empower your Business in 2014

seoAt Cyber Sushi Design, we not only build websites, we also focus on building the online profile of your business with our internet marketing packages. It doesn’t end there though, we also focus on educating our clients on what they can do to empower them to build the online presence they want for their business. Ultimately, everyone can put in the effort to market their business online, without it needing to cost the earth.

So, consider the following before commissioning your website because it’s not simply about the design or even the content you fill those web pages with, it’s about continued, targeted effort once the build is complete to keep the site fresh and engaging for your potential clients – and don’t forget Google!

1.     Target Audience

Who is your website aimed at? If you don’t know the profile of your potential customers how can you focus your attention and drive the content towards the individuals likely to purchase your products/services.

2.     Substance

Is your content knowledgeable and relevant? Lacking substance can significantly reduce the time a visitor spends looking at your website, meaning you will fail to convert visitors to customers; and it’s not only customers you have to consider, Google algorithms will disregard content deemed irrelevant making your website redundant for your business needs

3.     Educate

Do your customers learn something when they visit your site? If your company website is providing clear, concise information that enriches the lives of visitors to your website they are far more likely to consider your products / services when they need to purchase them

4.     DIY

Are your team online savvy? You needn’t be exclusively reliant on hiring a team of marketers to build your online profile, as these days there’s things you and your team can do to play a part in building the online profile of your business. Any web developer acting as a partner to you should be happy to discuss the latest techniques for you to research to set you on your way; it can be as simple as writing a blog to networking via LinkedIn

5.     Blog

Does your website have a blog? A blog empowers you to get your message out there without extensively trying to promote your products or services. Imparting knowledge that visitors find useful to ensure they come back for more, earning their trust and keeping your business in the forefront of their minds

6.     SEO

Do you know how Google and other search engines rank your site? It’s time to take an interest, rankings equal power and trust in today’s business environment. It takes continuous effort to keep your site ranked and involves fresh, knowledgeable content, engaging across reputable social networks and avoiding the quick fixes that seem too good to be true

7.     Network

Are you social networking? It’s unavoidable; a presence across key social networks is the new way of spreading word of mouth and engaging with prospects. Having a presence on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, can help build familiarity with your brand that potential customers can embrace.

8.     Analysis

Do you know what’s going on out there? Online analysis gives you the key to unlock the door on what your competitors are doing, identify your audience, visitor to customer conversions etc etc. Get savvy with your analytics and build on what you learn.


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