Understanding Mobile First Design

These days there is a lot of talk about building websites for Google, or for mobile browsing; the reason being that mobile internet usage now exceeds that of the desktop computer, after all, everyone owns a smartphone right?!

If you’re wondering what Mobile First design means, it’s very simple; Mobile First design is the creation of a website for mobile devices. The design process relies on web designers keeping how the site renders on a mobile device at the forefront of the design process. The skill is to neatly wrap all the content in a simple clean way, removing multiple menus, reducing the number of clicks and avoiding pages that slide across screen after screen. The design process prioritises the smartphone display, then the tablet and finally the desktop.

In 2016 when internet usage via mobile phone over took desktop usage, Google decided that website owners should be putting mobile users first in order to simplify their on-the-go browsing, which resulted in mobile first indexing being included in the Google algorithm to determine search engine ranking. Website owners not choosing to favour mobile users have seen their site rankings penalised since the introduction.

Responsive design is an alternative to Mobile First design, this option ensures sites render correctly on any size of screen without favouring one device over the other.

At Cyber Sushi Design, our customers have  tended to favour Responsive Design in consideration of their mobile and desktop users. For anyone commissioning a website your main aim is to ensure that your target audience can always find your site in search engines, is easier to navigate and simpler to use than your competitors.

If you’re looking to maximise your sites potential or want to create a site that on-the-go user’s can utilise with ease, we can use our expertise to ensure you succeed. Get in touch today on 01494 356 778.