App of the Week: Handbook Tips & Tricks for iPhone – iOS 6 Edition

IconBecome an expert on all things iPhone with this week’s Cyber Sushi Design App of the Week.

The ultimate iPhone handbook is now available and offers 200 tips and tricks on how to get the best from your iPhone. Tips range from creating your own, free iPhone ringtone to improving your iPhone’s battery life. There are also 50 tips to help you use the latest operating system (iOS 6), with free updates each time a new iOS is released.

Free from iTunes, the app walks you through steps using screenshots and allows you to share new found knowledge with friends.

A sample of the tips that this app boasts, includes:

  • Blocking caller ID when making a call
  • Enlarging font size in the Notes, Mail & Messages app
  • Viewing battery life as a percentage
  • Dialling a phone number with an extension
  • Call forwarding when busy
  • Opening attachments in Mail with your preferred app
  • Creating a free ringtone
  • Sharing music with your friend and listen to it together
  • Disabling SMS preview
  • Locating your lost or stolen iPhone
  • Remotely wiping your iPhone to prevent unauthorised access
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