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internet marketing near meSocial media that benefits your business’ internet marketing campaign is essential but can also prove to be a minefield. It can take time out of your working day as you try and decide what to post. With the purpose to gain followers, engage them and help your business boom!

There are social media tools that can help make your life easier and give your business a boost in the process. Check out the list below to identify the tools that can benefit your social media campaign and in turn your business’ internet marketing.

Social Media Optimisation


Blogging – blogs are great for educating, entertaining and imparting news. With the right content management system these can be simply uploaded to your website for optimisation as part of your SEO strategy, and then shared across social media networks.


Facebook Advertising – provides the opportunity to reach your target audience with an advertising campaign as written by you. These targeted messages are paid for and help you to meet your advertising objectives.

Facebook Audience Insights – helps you get to know your audience by providing information about those connected to your Facebook page and other people on Facebook. This enables you to adapt your content to attract more people similar to your existing audience. This achieved by providing an overview of demographics and understanding the lifestyles of those interested in your page/services.


Google Analytics – can help you understand and analyse the behaviour of those accessing your website. This is beneficial in identifying your target audience, to understand the most popular pages of your website and includes how long visitors are staying on each page.

Google Keyword Planner – this is a free tool accessible when you create a Google Ads (formerly Adwords) account. This tool can help you identify the most relevant keywords for your SEO campaign because knowing the words searchers use can help your search engine rankings and make your business more accessible.

Google My Business – this is just one of many online directories that allows potential customers to find your business online. Such sites allow those seeking your services to find local companies. They also provide you with an opportunity to upload photos, display business hours, contact details, and respond to reviews left by customers, so your target audience understands how, when and where to find you.

Google Trends – can help you discover popular search criteria related to your business, keywords and phrases. You can explore what is being searched by location, category or time frame.


Twitter Analytics – this works in a similar way to Facebook Audience Insights but allows you measure and boost your impact on Twitter and helps you to learn how to make Tweets more successful.


Videos / Vlogging – is the perfect option for engaging with the TikTok generation. And there are many apps (these include Filmmaker Pro, Adobe Spark, Cinamatic) that can help you create videos on-the-go. This can be achieved quickly and easily to promote your business, offers, campaigns etc because these can be uploaded to social media accounts and uploaded on your website, which can also aid your SEO campaign.

Internet Marketing Near Me

These are just some of the tools that will help you engage and understand your audience. But there are also many tools out there that can also help you manage and schedule your social media activity that save you time in the process.

Cyber Sushi Design based in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire are experts in internet marketing. As a business ourselves, we understand that the power of social media is invaluable. It is an excellent tool that enables businesses to build relationships with their target audience. Enabling small businesses to talk directly with customers for insight, analysis and feedback. It provides the opportunity to build trusting relationships over time, instead of going straight in with a sales pitch. And these days over 40% of online consumers are using social media to gain insight into businesses, brands and products. So, can you afford not to get social media savvy?

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