Your Website: The Ultimate Marketing Tool

internet marketing high wycombeEvery New Year brings with it the illusion of a fresh start, which for many businesses means setting new challenges and goals. Here at Cyber Sushi Design, we believe this year it’s important for businesses to realise the importance of their website as a professional marketing tool; through which to drive successful sales, build an online presence, or to improve brand recognition.

Online Marketing High Wycombe

Take a look at our key internet marketing tips for 2016 to help you establish an online marketing plan for your business centred around your website this year:

Maintain a Consistent Image

The brand identity of your company reflects how you want your business to be perceived by your customers and sets you apart from your competitors. The components of your brand, which not only include your business name, logo, font and imagery, but all of your company output, importantly including your website, and notably the content and articles published on your site and shared across social media forums. All content needs to consistently reflect the ideals of your company to maintain the appeal to your target audience.

Optimise your Website

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of regularly updating your website with relevant content to improve your search engine rankings. It’s common to include relevant key words and phrases associated with the specific industry within which your company operates, insertion of appropriate links to and from your website, the inclusion and submission of a site map and as mentioned, regularly uploading relevant, yet unique content to your site. Accessing analytics can help you monitor how your site is performing and understand where you need to focus your efforts.

Get Blogging

Businesses that regularly blog, portray an image of professionalism and of being in-the-know to potential customers. Informative content that entertains and/or educates provides readers with a feeling of getting something for nothing and in return they remember you when they require your services. Additionally, adding blogs to your website provides the opportunity to further your SEO campaign, through enabling you to include relevant key words and phrases to sharing articles across social media.

Ensure your Website is Mobile Friendly

Browsing the internet on smart phones and tablets is on the increase and Google updates in 2015 ensured that it is vital for your website to display and function across all types of mobile devices. Google will give a mobile friendly site priority in its rankings over sites that have not been upgraded to ensure their visitors have an optimal viewing experience on mobile devices.

Get Social

Using social networks is a way to share unique content and invite fresh traffic to your website, and vice versa, so be sure to include social media icons within your site. Additional benefits include the ability to encourage discussion, to interact with potential customers, respond to queries, receive enquiries and sharing across social platforms.

Include Calls to Action

Adding calls to action across your website, social media profiles and other marketing collateral will encourage potential customers to continue viewing your website, or to click through to your website, furthering the chances of converting them from a viewer to a customer.

Offer Promotions

Creating website promotions can increase traffic to your website. Promoting across social media, email and other marketing materials can encourage visitors to your site even if they do not participate in the promotion. Regardless of whether they take part in the promotion or not, gaining traffic to your website can mean that such visitors will view your services and/or products to purchase there and then or remember at a later date.

Contact the Experts

Many businesses feel out of their depth when it comes to building an attractive website and an internet marketing schedule, with many small businesses unable to afford the time investment it takes to truly market their business in a professional manner. For a cost effective, time efficient solution it can pay to get in touch with experts in the field of web design and internet marketing. A successful marketing campaign begins with a well thought out, well designed website, which considers how to include/manage each of the recommendations we’ve discussed above and much more.

Internet Marketing High Wycombe

Cyber Sushi Design offer professional internet marketing services in High Wycombe, we can help with your online marketing projects by building effective websites to implementing SEO or Pay-Per-Click campaigns. For more information on implementing the ultimate website to use as an effective marketing tool get in touch today on 01494 356 778. Take a look at our testimonials, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed with the customer service you receive.

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