Share the Love this Valentine’s Day

love your clientsWith Valentine’s Day looming it’s that time of year when we are reminded of the importance of relationships; for small business owners everywhere that should include focusing on nurturing business relationships and building new ones. At this time of year seasonal marketing opportunities can contribute to strengthened relationships with existing clients and followers. Cyber Sushi Design offer ways you can benefit from sharing the love for your clients this Valentine’s Day:

Write a Valentine’s Themed Blog

Writing a Valentine’s themed blog, appropriately tagged for search engine optimisation could see the traffic to your site enhanced your blog is returned in search engine results following a search for Valentine’s deals ahead of the big day. E.g. Valentine’s Day, Valentine’s Offer

Valentine's Day offer

Hold a Competition

Hosting a Valentine’s themed competition across social media forums, offering inexpensive yet desirable company branded products or services as prizes will ensure your customers and followers take notice, after all everyone loves a freebie.

Head over to the Cyber Sushi Design Facebook Page by Valentine’s Day and “Like” this blog article for the chance to win a Cyber Sushi Design branded phone holder. Five lucky winners will be selected at random.

 Promote your Clients

Retweet or share posts published by your customers to increase coverage of your clients’ services. This can also work in your favour with grateful clients returning the compliment.

 Offer a Special Deal

A Valentine’s themed special offer can provide an incentive for customers and followers to do business with you. Everyone likes to get a good deal and in turn this promotes your business.

At Cyber Sushi Design, we are currently offering our clients one year’s free website hosting and business email. (T&C’s apply)*

 Blog of Appreciation

At Cyber Sushi Design, there’s nothing we love better than showing off sites we complete and publicising our clients’ services via our blog. This also doubles up as our thank you to clients, showing our appreciation for their business by expressing how great it was to work with them and thanking them for their continued support.

Benefit from Close Customer Relationships

Ask your customers to send you some love this Valentine’s day in the form of Google+ customer reviews etc.

 Send a Valentine’s Video

Create a themed Valentine’s video that is bound to keep them smiling and have them coming back for your services time and again.

Of course, these marketing ideas can apply to all events and occasions throughout the year, the key is to consistently ensure you are maintaining existing client relationships and cultivating new partnerships.

For more tips and advice from Cyber Sushi Design follow us on Facebook or Twitter; and don’t forget to stay tuned to our Facebook page on Saturday 14th February for your chance to win one of our unique phone holder business cards.

*Offer of one year’s free web hosting and business email is available to customers purchasing a new website in 2015. Web space is free for one whole year, after your first year of free web hosting we will provide an invoice detailing the cost before auto-renewing your hosting subscription.

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