How to Improve your Business Ranking on Google Map Listings

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google-maps-seoIf you want to get the full benefits of a Google Maps listing for your business, you have to know how to rank it prominently other than simply listing your business on Google Maps. Ranking is the term used to define how your business will appear in a respective search result.

The very first page of a Google Maps listing is a very difficult place for a business to rank; it is an exceptionally competitive place. In reality, modern web users are not likely to go beyond the first search results page. Therefore, as a business owner, it is mandatory for you to know how to improve your business ranking on Google Maps listings to ensure it appears on page 1 of the results.


Maintain a verified Google My Business account

It is always important to let Google know about your business. Taking this approach will ensure information about your business is correctly displayed within the online search results. This makes verifying all the information associated with Google My Business a wise move. Specifically, you should pay attention to areas like; Contact information, business hours and your website. Apart from that, you should make sure that there is no duplicate information, which can discredit your business.

mapMake sure that your website has an embedded Google Map

One of the best things you can do in order to rank better for your website is to embed a Google Map on the website. By embedding a Google Map, you confirm to Google that your business is located at the exact location you state it is. Be sure to use the same address you used on your Google My Business.

Have a local telephone number

Using free phone numbers that are frequently considered to be spam is not a wise move. It is highly recommended that you list a local telephone number as your primary contact number. A local telephone number is proof that you have a physical location in the local area. Using a telephone number with the local area code is a very good initiative to confirm your physical location. Although it is OK to have a free phone number, if you expect a better ranking for your business in Google maps, you must be able to use a local phone number too.

Have an optimised listing description

Although the number of characters you can use in the listing description is limited, you must make sure that you optimise the description with wisely selected keywords.

Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 20.50.40Add some photos

Be sure to use some photos with your listing. Obtain quality photos that represent your business well and add them to the listing.

Provide a proper description for your business

Ensure that you add a primary industry category (which can be a keyword in most of the cases) as the description of your business. Did you know that you are allowed to add up to 5 additional business categories? It is a good idea to make use of that! Choose your words wisely and add them into the listing in order to get better SERP rankings in Google Maps.

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