How to disable ‘Press Home to Unlock’ on iOS 10

Swipe to unlock is gone in iOS10 and as we keep being asked here is how to disable the new way Apple wants you to unlock your iPhone as some users find it annoying or confusing.

No press to unlock method

We do prefer the good old way if I am honest. If you’re like us, then follow these simple directions to disable ‘Press Home to Unlock.’

1) Select the Settings app.

2) Go to General > Accessibility > Home Button.

3) Turn on the Rest Finger to Open toggle.

Now  you won’t have to press the Home button anymore in order to unlock your device. All you will have to do is to make sure the Lock screen is awake, then rest your finger on the Touch ID sensor (no need to press like iOS9).

Anything else you want help with in iOS10 just let us know, as we have been Beta testers for months.




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