Say Ello to the New Social Network on the Block


Ello is a new social media platform with a big promise, not to share user information or fill your feed with advertisements. Instead the network will look to sell access to features in the future at a small cost.

The network designed by Paul Budnitz, as an alternative forum to communicate with his friends and family, has proved a popular alternative to Facebook, with a BBC report stating that up to 31,000 requests to join per hour are being received, before it’s even out of the beta testing phase.

While the founder denies the intention was to compete with established social media sites such as Facebook, the message on the Ello homepage might suggest otherwise, why not take a look for yourself.

Ello is invitation only, you will need to head to the Ello site to request an invite or someone with an existing account can invite you. As the platform is only in beta stage at present it might take a while before your request is actioned, as the team ensure their servers can cope with the influx of new members.

Looking at their FAQ’s we were amused by the following statement regarding the intention not to sell out to advertisers.

 You’ll never be worth $30 billion like Facebook that way

We’re not interested in ruling the world. We think people that are motivated to do things like that have unresolved psychological problems.

Not to be cynical but we wonder how long this intention remains reality and if the platform is the big hit the current interest that has been sparked suggests. Undoubtedly, watch this space for future opinion from the Cyber Sushi Design team.

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