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Helpful Content Update

People first content This week Google will roll out their new helpful content update, the latest in many algorithm modifications. The update will ensure Google delivers better search results to their users. Before the release, website owners should review their content to ensure it adds value to readers and satisfies search intent.

People First Content

In its infancy, search engine optimisation (SEO) pretty much required content to be filled – overstuffed – with relevant keywords. As processes have evolved, search engines have advocated that content is written for humans and optimised for search bots.

But it’s competitive out there. The need to obtain a page one result means search engines get overloaded with content. And this is why they regularly alter their algorithms to ensure they rank the best content in those sought-after spots. But algorithms aren’t designed to penalise web pages. Instead, the intention is to return the best possible results to answer a user’s search query.

With the Helpful Content update, Google aims to ensure people can access “original, helpful content, written by people for people.” SEO is still an important concept, and best practice optimisation should be applied to people first content.

How To Create People First Content

For your content to be considered as ‘People First Content,’ you need to ensure;

  • your intended audience will find the article educational, entertaining and inspiring if they access it.
  • you demonstrate your expertise and in-depth knowledge.
  • your website has an obvious and primary focus.
  • anyone reading your content discovers what they need to know and finishes reading feeling accomplished.
  • a satisfying experience.

Search Engine First Content

So, how do you identify if the focus of your content is to please people or search bots? Review your content and ask whether you want to attract visitors who find you in search engines.

Are You Writing For Search Bots?

If you write content to get ranked on Google without adding value, the chances are your web pages will take a hit when the Helpful Content update rolls out this week. Answering these questions will help you identify if you are publishing search engine first content:

  • Is your content consistent? Or do you flit from one subject to the next in the hope of finding something that performs well in search engine rankings?
  • Do you create content using AI tools extensively?
  • Are you adding fresh perspective when you create content or simply summarising what others are saying?
  • Does your content answer search queries, or do readers need to conduct another search to find more detailed information?
  • Do you only create content on trending subjects?
  • Are you writing to a specific word count? Google states this is unnecessary and a practice that has come about based on hearsay.
  • Do you write content for a niche in which you have no expertise simply to gain traffic?
  • Are you offering to answer questions for which there are no answers?

If you find you have been doing these things upon reviewing your content, it’s advisable to remove any unhelpful web pages. Google’s efforts are ongoing. They will continue their efforts to reduce unhelpful content as they aim to simplify the process and return content that is authentic and useful to those who use their search engine.

Create Helpful Content

If you are looking to create content that benefits your business and intended audience but lack the time and resources to adopt a consistent approach, talk to us. Our designated brand, Writeable by Cyber Sushi Design, offers content writing and copywriting services in conjunction with best practice on-page optimisation techniques to help Google take notice of your web pages.

If you find your web pages hit by the rollout of the helpful content update over the next two weeks, get in touch with us on 01494 356 778. We offer website content, blog packages, on-page optimisation, landing page content, social media posts and captions, and more. Talk to us – we’ll be happy to help!

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