MUM’s The Word! Google Announces Redesign To Change Search As We Know It

Google MUM

Google RedesignGoogle Search is changing! In a recent announcement, Google outlined plans to redesign Google Search.

The plan is to introduce intuitive ways to explore topics and provide more content. Imminently, the MUM algorithm will be integrated into searches, introducing fresh ways to discover and explore via Google.

What is MUM?

In June, Google released an algorithm update. This enabled the ability to search across languages and use images to answer complex questions. The algorithm is called MUM, which stands for Multitask Unified Model. MUM allows the search of images as well as text. And it will soon be integrated into the Google Lens app.

The Google Search Redesign

The changes to Google’s search results will visually enhance the existing way of searching. It will make Google Search simpler to explore topics by introducing three new ways of accessing information.

  1. Things to know
  2. Topic zoom
  3. Visually browsable search results

1. Things to Know

MUM helps Google understand how users explore topics across Google Search. The ‘Things to Know’ feature will identify the most popular aspects users search to return more specific content. This means that instead of needing to conduct follow up searches, Google will provide relevant content that prompts those related subjects.

2. Topic Zoom

This enables searchers to broaden or narrow their search within sub-topics.

3. Visual Exploration

This provides a more visual way to search and enables users to discover inspiration, e.g. Christmas decoration ideas.

Google Search Is Changing

The new methods of searching are positioned as helpful ways to enable searchers to discover more pages across the web. While in theory, this is good news for content creators, with the ever-changing algorithms, is the landscape of SEO becoming more confusing?

While changes should be minimal from Google’s perspective, it appears context rather than content is about to become king! Title tags and headings, which have traditionally been used to place keywords in positions of prominence, will need to be repurposed to emphasise relevance.

The update will dramatically change Google Search as we know it. But ultimately, it should aid those searching for answers by providing more visual information and a broader range of results.

At this stage, we understand that continuing to make web pages as easy to read and simple to understand as possible, will benefit SEO practices.

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