12 Online Marketing Tips of Christmas #8

Local SEOTip 8: Understand the Importance of Local SEO

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is vital to almost all businesses that have an online presence, which means writing fresh content and increasing inbound links to improve authority and rank higher for relevant keywords and phrases.

The power of local SEO can be under-estimated; however, optimising your business for specific locations as well as relevant services should not be overlooked as internet users are increasingly searching on the go, meaning it’s more likely users will make local searches for business services.

Why focus on Local SEO?

  • Google and other search engines collect information about their users’ locations and search histories to assist in providing results specific to the locality.
  • Local SEO will mean you face less competition. When in contention for keywords related to services or products on a national scale, you compete with all other businesses in the country that choose to use those keywords also.

How to go about Local SEO?

  • Set up local business pages online with your local business information e.g. Google+
  • Optimise your website with fresh content including not only your key service keywords but also locations.
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