12 Online Marketing Tips of Christmas: #6

LinkedInTip 6: Get LinkedIn

LinkedIn allows you to build an online professional profile, connect with classmates, colleagues and clients as well as discover jobs and business opportunities, while keeping on top of all the latest news and views.

Why get LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is an online form of business networking via the means of social media. LinkedIn is a forum, giving you an online record of your professional profile, giving you the opportunity to find new job opportunities, gain new business or simply get involved in discussions on topics related to your business sector, giving you the chance to show off your expertise and gain recognition of your business, products and/or services.

How can you get LinkedIn?

  • Create a LinkedIn profile, detailing your relevant work and education history
  • Upload a profile picture to help contacts identify you – ensure your image reflects how you want to be identified in the business world
  • Make connection requests personal, identifying why you want to connect
  • Request recommendations from colleagues and former colleagues and reciprocate with a recommendation in return
  • Avoid issuing pointless notifications by checking your notification settings
  • Avoid over posting and spamming your connections – posting once a day is optimum
  • Keep the details of your connections private when sending bulk messages
  • Keep your posts relevant to your profession, LinkedIn is not the appropriate social network to be self indulgent and airing your gripes
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