12 Online Marketing Tips of Christmas: #5

content marketingTip 5: Content is Key

Ensuring the content of your website is current and regularly refreshed will ensure you are rewarded by search engines such as Google. Updates you make to the content of your website must be relevant to your business sector and target audience. Because ultimately, content is key!

Why is Content Key?

Adding fresh, relevant content to your website will increase your chances of ranking better in Google.


Write natural content that flows; while it’s important to include keywords and phrases related to your business and sector, (the types of words and phrases your target audience might use to search for you in Google), you MUST avoid overstuffing your content with these words that can make your text difficult to decipher and unfriendly to your intended readership. Search engines are wise to these tactics and you could find search engines penalise your site for keyword stuffing.