12 Online Marketing Tips of Christmas: #4

Facebook-tipsTip 4: Evaluate your Facebook Page

A Facebook page for your business can act as an extension of your business, connecting you with people searching for your services.

Why evaluate your Facebook Business page?

With over 30 million business pages on Facebook, regularly updating a business page on Facebook and engaging in discussions can ensure you reach your target audience with messages targeted to their specific needs.

How can you Evaluate your Facebook Business Page?

  1. Ensure your company website URL is listed in the About section and include links to all your other pages across other social media networks.
  2. Upload a well designed, business centric cover photo but make sure it meets guidelines set by Facebook. Include a description of your cover photo with information such as call to actions and clickable links.
  3. Upload a business profile picture significant to you brand, for example, if you have a well designed logo make use of it to raise awareness of your brand identity.
  4. Consider the content your brand is sharing; are you using photos or video to accompany status updates? Are you sharing relevant information? Are you targeting your content at your intended audience? Are your posts long winded? Do you post too often?
  5. Provide unique content, offer freebies and advice about your niche to spike interest from your target market.
  6. Ensure the branding of your page identifies with the audience it is aimed at.
  7. Engage in discussions with your fans, like their comments, answer their questions and provide reasons for them to come back.
  8. Share relevant tips from across your industry to show your business is on trend and aware of what’s new to reflect your experience and expertise.
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