12 Online Marketing Tips Of Christmas: #3

mobile-web-design-high-wycombeTip 3: Focus on your Mobile Strategy

We are living in a mobile world, which typically sees people leave their mobile phones for a mere 2 hours per 24 hour day. Using a mixture of apps and mobile internet, it has become easier to navigate day-to-day lives at the touch of a screen. Making it vital for businesses everywhere to keep up and ensure their business has a presence not only online but optimised for mobile devices also.

Why focus on Mobile Strategy?

“A massive 66% of time spent online shopping is conducted via mobile devices such as smart phones or tablets.”


Focus on mobile search optimisation and responsive design to ensure your target audience are having the best on-the-go experience. If your site takes ages to load on a mobile device and once loaded does not provide an optimal viewing experience you can guarantee potential customers are hitting the back button to look for mobile friendly businesses. Such businesses are being rewarded in mobile searches, with results highlighting sites optimised for mobile to assist users with the best possible on-the-go experience.  

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