Choosing a Mobile Strategy – Mobile Site vs Responsive Design?

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More and more businesses are investing in websites that are accessible from today’s on-the-go technology and as a business owner it’s definitely something you should be considering.

We have provided details of the options for you to consider below, to allow you to explore the possibilities and decide which option will be a better fit for you.

You ultimately have two choices, mobile website versus responsive design; the decision – which strategy will work best for your business?

 1.       Mobile Website – a site explicitly designed for optimal performance when viewed from a mobile device


  • Quicker and easier to develop
  • Cheaper to launch
  • Provides a more enhanced mobile user experience
  • Mobile friendly call to action buttons such as “Call us” removing the need to dial the number
  • The capabilities of the mobile device are integrated in the site, such as sat-nav and calendar functions


  • Requires duplicate content
  • Additional resource to manage and maintain
  • Analytics only come from one site

 2.       Responsive Design – a web design technique that allows one website to exist, which can be adapted to the size of the device it’s being viewed on e.g. laptop, desktop, mobile phone, tablet


  • No additional maintenance or management involved as the same code and content is used
  • Only need to update once in one place
  • Not expensive to maintain
  • Analytics come from both desktop and mobile arenas providing fuller analysis


  • Slower load time
  • Not as quick to set up and launch
  • More expensive to optimise the site for different screen sizes

Choosing which method will work for you depends on the audience you are targeting and the resource and budget you have available.  At Cyber Sushi Design, we offer both options, if you require more information about what would work best for your business contact us!

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