10 Simple SEO Tips for 2017

seo-high-wycombe-2017We published this article on our local website to help small businesses but after such good feedback we thought we may as well share it with our Cyber Sushi Design blog readers also….

If you don’t have the budget or you recently rebuilt your site check out these 10 simple SEO tips to make sure your site is at its best for the start of 2017.

  1. Make sure your contact details are up to date on your own site but also consistent across all your social network pages.
  2. Do you have enough text content? Remember Google likes a minimum of 300 words per page for the best chance of ranking well, most sites don’t meet this criteria. If your content pages meet this then blog more! You can never have enough fresh content.
  3. Make sure your site loads as fast as possible this is also now a ranking criteria from Google.
  4. If you have enough content on your own site do you have enough external content on social media sites and platforms? Google likes to see both.
  5. Is your site mobile friendly, in 2o17 just like 2016 search engines will reward you in results if you are.
  6. View and use your Google analytics without it you can’t tell what pages are converting and know which need to be improved.
  7. Make sure your business is registered on Google Business listings this will have you show on Google maps and in search results. This can easily get you a page 1 result straight away for free.
  8. Create and embed video, remember Google own Youtube and its the second biggest search engine so adding video can only help you in search.
  9. Check your competitors links, if they are ranking higher than you were are they gaining links from back to their site? Can you get links on the same sites to boost your ranking?
  10. Be patient, natural SEO has and always will be slow to see results. Keep ticking the boxes that Google wants to see and you will be rewarded in results but it won’t be instant.

If you would like to discuss your search engine results and improve them in 2017 we are always happy to help simply drop us a line or email.

First published on WDWH.

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