The Neocore E1 Tablet Review

When it comes to Android tablets the average UK consumer is flooded with options, which can sometimes be confusing; this is why we wanted to review a tablet to our readers we could truly recommend. First of all Neocore is a name you may recognise if you follow our tech reviews on Youtube, as their Wave speakers are among our favourite Bluetooth speakers of 2017.

What’s in the Box?

On receiving the E1 (2017 updated edition) we were really impressed even with the small design touches on the packaging, it was clear time and effort had been made on the box design. This may seem like a small thing to mention but it shows the company is proud of the product they are presenting to the customer, especially when primarily we believe this tablet is sold online.

On opening the box we are first presented with the E1 tablet, a nice feature worth mentioning is there is a pre-installed screen protector. Having fitted many phone and tablet screen protectors in our time this was a welcomed feature as we have wasted many protectors failing to fit them bubble free.

The box also contains a USB charger plug and a nice orange USB cable that coincides with the Neocore logo and branding (no muddling up your cables with this one!). Last but not least the manual and warranty card can be also found in the box.

Design & Build

Moving onto the most important item in the box – the tablet itself; on removing it from the box straight away the tablet is a pleasure to hold with a slightly rubber textured finish. This makes it easy to hold and reduces the chance of dropping the tablet by it slipping through your hands. All corners are smooth and round, it really feels like a tablet twice its price when you hold it.

The next thing that stands out is the IPS HD 10 point glass touchscreen, lots of tablets at this price point will still use plastic but the Neocore E1 is a glass screen with a resolution of 1280×800. Games, photos and web pages look great, sharp and crisp with the look of a much more expensive device or well known high street devices.


So let’s talk about the important specs and numbers, we have already mentioned the HD 1280×800 screen (10.1 inch), the E1 is also sporting 2GB of RAM and a Quad Core 4×1.5GHz (4x Cortex A53) CPU. Plenty of power for even some of the most intensive games and tasks.

The next feature most people want to know about is storage, as standard out the box, the tablet comes in one size 16GB but includes a micro SD card port which can support up to a massive 256GB! So even if you wanted to double the storage with a cheap 16gb card this is only going to cost you around £5 to purchase online.

Two cameras (front and back both 2MP) also give you the ability to take a few snaps and give you the ability to make Skype and other popular app video calls. The tablet also comes in the choice of 2 colours space grey or space black.


Features We Love

The features mentioned above aside, we wanted to talk about a couple of features that we loved and really stood out in addition to these. First of all is the mini HDMI port a great feature if you watch a lot of movies on your tablet and travel as it means you can plug your tablet into a bigger TV screen. Imagine you’re away for a family holiday or on business and your room includes a TV which most do, you can simply plug in your tablet, allowing the whole family to watch.

Another feature we were really impressed with was the battery life of the tablet, even when its not in use (in sleep mode) the battery did not lose any power even if left for a week. Some other cheaper tablets we have used quickly lose battery power even when not in use. The E1 gets its long battery life from a 7000 mAh battery which can give up an impressive 13 hrs of screen time.

Why We Highly Recommend the Neocore E1

Overall we can highly recommend the Neocore E1 British made tablet whether it’s for size (even with the 7000 mAh) it’s a slim tablet with great HD screen. The mix of fast CPU and 2GB of RAM means video plays smoothly whether played on Netflix or from the micro SD card.

The same goes for modern graphic intense games the tablet took everything we threw at it and almost never dropped in frame rate. If you couple this with a Bluetooth controller it’s a truly capable mobile games machine for long flights, car journeys or even just a break between work tasks.

At under £100 we think you will be hard-pressed to get a tablet of this quality with a 10 inch screen, its also worth noting it comes with a long 2 year warranty!  For more information view the E1 tablet on Amazon here.


We have also included the full spec list below:

Screen – 10.1″ HD 1280×800 IPS Capacitive Glass screen Touch Screen (10 point)
CPU- Quad Core 4×1.5GHz (4x Cortex A53)
GPU-Mali-T720 MP2@600MHz2
Memory (RAM)- 2GB DDR3L E1R16 (2017)
OS – Android 7 / 6
Bluetooth – Yes
Built in memory – 16GB( around 11GB is free, rest is used by android system)
Memory Card Slot micro SD up to 256GB
WiFi – 802.11b/g/n 5&2.4 GHz
Camera -2MP/2MP (HD recording)
HDMI: Yes (mini)
Battery 7000 mAh up to 13h
Ports – Micro USB (OTG)
Earphone – 3.5mm jack
Build in Microphone
Dimensions: 259mm x 158mm x  9mm

Neocore E1 Tablet

Neocore E1 Tablet



Build Quality


Battery Life



  • Expandable Memory
  • Long Battery Life
  • HDMI Out
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