Active Sound Cancelling without the Bulk! BlitzWolf BW-ANC1 Headphone Review

When it comes to headphones there are a number of types out there from big to small, Bluetooth to wired. It’s not often that the new technology of active sound canceling ever fits into small in-ear headphones, but this is where Blitzwolf have broken the trend. Their new BW-ANC1 headphones have cleverly included this technology in a small box at the end of the headphone wire. The advantage of this is the wearer gains a normal sized pair of headphones but with all the technology of a much larger pair. Also being in a tiny box away from the earbuds themselves it means there is no extra weight making them fall out of the wearers’ ears.

This is an added bonus if you use headphones when exercising in a noisy gym or partake in another noisy sport where blocking out background noise may be a requirement to focus on your music. For the techies out there the noise reduction range is 200-800Hz: -20±5dB and from a 2-hour charge, you get 7 hours of battery life. Also, sports users will be glad to know they are IPX4 waterproof so sweat will not be an issue.

Now the small box that houses the sound canceling technology also features some other functionality, firstly it offers full remote control functions so your phone can stay in your jacket pocket or bag. So next/previous track and volume can all be accessed easily from this remote. What makes it more convenient for the wearer is the large clip located on the back so it can be clipped to almost any item of clothing.

The headphones can also be paired using the Bluetooth 4.1 to two devices at a time meaning it’s very convenient to use with a computer and a phone, for example, without having to re-pair on a regular basis.  Featuring an inline microphone you will also not need to remove the headphones to take calls, it’s worth noting, the remote can also be used to answer calls.

The headphones come with a number of items in the box including a really nice semi-solid carrying case, also included are a number of silicon ear-bud tips so they will fit snuggly into anyones ears. Last but not least the manual and micro USB charging cable can also be found in the box.

Overall we were very impressed with the headphones and would have no hesitation in recommending these headphones to almost all users who use noisy environments when traveling, working in a noisy office or just working out at the gym. The sound quality was excellent and we really appreciate the slimline size of the headphones that are still able to provide a great set of features.

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BlitzWolf BW-ANC1 Headphones

BlitzWolf BW-ANC1 Headphones



Build Quality


Battery Life



  • Light weight
  • Come with carry case
  • Great sound


  • Design may not suit all
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